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Political/Societal rant, feel free to ignore

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2015, 10:54 PM

Okay, I normally don't get involved in political debates and whatnot, but I can't sleep and it's all over facebook as I'm trying to just scroll through. I'm seeing so many stupid people argue with facts they know nothing about and are going on and on about why we should or shouldn't ban refugees from the states, etc. Now, I'm an open minded person and I like to get all the fact down, and while I haven't done all of my homework, here's my opinion on the matter:

We're not the only country in the world. We are currently at war. Terrorists take advantage of kindness to infiltrate countries. But if they really want to, they'll find other ways in. Opening our gates to accept those who are now homeless and starving is the easiest way to get in right now, yes, but it's not the only way. I'm all for helping our fellow man, but there's a good counterpoint to this argument too. We're taking care of all these homeless people... but what about the homeless already here in our country? A good portion of those are VETERANS WHO FOUGHT IN THE SAME WAR WE ARE ARGUING ABOUT! We have vets who fought in various wars, some still alive from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and this war with the Middle East, who aren't getting the help they need. Some are injured and left to fend for themselves and rely on families or private organizations. Some are homeless and barely surviving; winter's coming people! Didn't last year wake up anyone? Michigan has some of the most brutal winter weather--we're surrounded by freaking four lakes and a fifth one, along with two giant rivers, connect to them! Not to say we have it the worst, we don't, but we do have some nasty weather. Can you imagine being out in the cold in all of that? Think about it, no coat, no shoes, or if you're lucky, you have some tattered clothing that helps block out the cold--no, you don't think about it, because we're all spoiled rotten assholes who only think about ourselves and don't want to go out of comfort zones to help someone who really needs it. I'm guilty of it too. But when I do happen to come across someone struggling, I give what I can. Be it a prayer, some of the snacks I have stashed away for school, or pop bottles and cans that I collect in my car to help a person with a few dollars when I have none.

I want to do more, I really do, but I don't know how. I want to do a bake sale, some kind of fundraiser, and donate all the proceeds to a local food bank, shelter, somewhere I can make a difference. But I'm only one person, I don't know anyone who would help me.

That's the problem with America. Our priorities aren't in the right places. If we took care of our own, we could help more people from other countries like this. It's like when you already have a house full of animals, but you see one more stray and want to help it. There's going to be that chance that stray is feral and doesn't get along with your other animals and there's going to be hell--stuff will break, fighting will ensue, and you're going to have to have a heartbreaking choice to make on how to figure it all out. God forbid an animal gets seriously injured/killed in the mess. It translates to humans. You can save so many people, but that one asshole uses it to get through and causes all kinds of hell, and everyone's up in arms about it. That doesn't mean we can turn a blind eye to it. But that also doesn't mean we can afford to take everyone in right now when so many of our own are struggling. We have to be able to survive on our own, make sure our country stands strong, that a lot of these problems are solved. America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore, and people tend to forget that. We act like we're such bigshots but we're really going downhill. The Baby Boomer generation, Generation X, Y (which I am apart of) and the even more entitled Generation Z, have really killed our country, ignoring key factors, letting things go. Everyone is their selfish modes. We don't even know our neighbors anymore. In fact, I get weird looks when I just try and say hello. Our neighbors have kids and I offered some of our old chalks and other things we will never use due to our ages and they took them and still act like I'm some kind of leper. This is our society today. it needs to change. It takes one person, but I don't know how to do it more than I already am trying. Reaching one person at a time.

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